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The shooting programme between club and inter-club meets are subject to change by the governing sporting bodies due to weather and local conditions; however, all efforts are made to provide the latest updated information to our club members.

MDRA Shooting Calendar 2016-17
Date Range Match/Competition
1 700m S&P CoW A&C
8 300m Club
15 500m Club
22 600m Club
29 800m Club
5 300m S&P CoW A&C
12 500m Club
19 600m Club
26 700m Club
2 800m S&P CoW A&C
9 300m Club
16 xxx NSWRA Queens
23 500m S&P CoW A&C
30 600m Club
7 700m S&P
14 300m Club
21 300m Grade
28 600m Club
4 700m S&P CoW A&C
11 800m Club
18 300m Club
25 500m Club
2 600m S&P CoW A&C
9 600m Grade
16 500m Club
23 700m Club
30 800m Club
S&P Spoon and Poultry
CoW Cock of the Walk
A&C Angus and Coote

For more information on other District, State and National shooting programme's, please visit the NSWRA Calendar of Events for 2016.