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Welcome to the Marrickville Rifle Club

The Marrickville Rifle Club was formed on 12th March 1915, with its inaugural meeting held at the Marrickville Town Hall with 34 new members all attending from Sydney’s suburb of Marrickville. Later, club membership would eventually rise to 250 financial members, where the keen interest stemmed out of nationalism and patriotism for the Great War of 1914 - 1918.

Today, the Marrickville Rifle Club no longer has ties to the suburb of Marrickville (in name only), where members come from around the greater Sydney region to shoot and compete at club, district, regional and state level.

The Marrickville Rifle Club is amongst some of the oldest shooting clubs that currently meet at the Anzac Rifle Range, Malabar.

The club meets every Saturday afternoon, meeting in our club house where we then move out to the range to commence shooting at either the 300m, 500m, 600m, 700m or 800m range; shooting two stages of two sighters, with ten rounds to score.

Marrickville Rifle Club's next range meeting commences at 12:30pm
Date Range Match/Competition
12 Dec 700m Club

The sport of Target Rifle shooting offers many things to many people and is able to include a wide range of attributes such as learning mental preparedness, concentration and remaining focused while “in the zone”; along with learning to be patient and disciplined as weather conditions and other outside influences continue to change while you lie on the firing mound to get that perfect shot on target.

Target shooting is regarded as one of the safest sports in Australia and has a great social network amongst the shooting community, where advice and information is shared amongst shooters to perpetuate the collective knowledge that makes the sport all that more enjoyable as you look for your own perfection.

Australian Target Rifle Magazine

The Australian Target Rifle Magazine is a bi-monthly publication by the National Rifle Association of Australia. The magazine provides the latest information provided by the NRAA Chairman, competition news and updates at the Club, District, State, National and International levels; various shooting teams and their repersentational achievements, shooting rules, technical aspects on shooting and more . . .

COVID19 - REVISED 27th Nov 2022

Anzac Rifle Range is open to visitors who are interested in shooting. If you are interested in visiting our club, please send us a message by visiting our Contact page.

To find out more information regarding the latest easing of COVID restrictins, please visit the NSW Office of Sport.

If you display any flu-like symptoms, believe that you may be un-well or have been in one of the latest COVID hot-spots, then you should err on the side of caution and not attend the Anzac Rifle Range.

COVID19 Message from the NSWRA

"For those members who live in Sydney and environs, please go to the web address listed below, and check to see if you have been in these areas of the latest hot-spot.

These links are handy references to keep updated with what is currently happening in Sydney.

NSW Government Latest COVID Updates

NSW Government Latest COVID Updates for sporting venues

Remember if you feel unwell, DO NOT attend your Rifle Range. Self isolate and go get tested. Think of your fellow members."

NSW Firearms Registry Updates

Please see the below link to find out the latest information relating to Firearms License Renewals, Club Participation, Permits Expiration, Permits to Aquire and more . . .

NSW Firearms Registry COVID Response

Latest Tutorial - Updated 27th Nov 2022

Please view out latest video of interest. We also post tutorial videos on the Club's Facebook page, which by clicking the link on any page on our website, will take you to our Facebook account.

Please view our Media page . . . here, you will be able to watch all the tutorials that have been posted to our Facebook page in the one location. As part of our knowledge base, the videos will help educate and better inform shooters of best practices for safety, maintenance and procedures related to shooting.

Club Video

The MDRA (Metropolitin District Rifle Assoc) hosted a "Grade Day" for April, where all local clubs resident to the Anzac Rifle Range, compete against each other and are graded A, B or C accordingly to the outcome of their results in the TR, FTR and F-Open shooting disciplines.

During the Grade competion, an experienced shooter from each club takes on the role of a Wind Coach and is allowed to provide wind and elevation adjustments to the shooter on the fly as conditions change.